Welcome to Bits

Hey there, fellow bacon enthusiast.

Welcome to the Bits newsletter! I’m beyond excited to bring crispy personal finance tips, lessons, and stories to your inbox.

What’s on the menu today? 3 strips of steamy bacon.

  1. My cheesy opener. *check*

  2. An introduction to Bits: what, why, how?

  3. Expectations

An introduction to Bits

First and foremost, the purpose behind the Bacon Bits publication and the Bits newsletter is simple: to boost your financial literacy via engaging and enjoyable lessons and narratives.

The ultimate goal is to help you take steps towards financial stability and freedom (i.e. the freedom to live your life how you want to live it because you’re financially able to).

What is “Bits”?
Bits is the newsletter spinoff of my Medium publication, Bacon Bits. The majority of Bits content will deal with personal finance, but I may sneak in other life happenings and personal anecdotes from time-to-time.

Why am I doing this?
There was a time not too long ago when my financial know-how was next to nothing. I knew money was important, but I didn’t know how to manage it.

I didn’t know how to budget. I didn’t know I needed an emergency fund. I didn’t know how insurance or taxes worked. I didn’t know much about the stock market - let alone investing.

But I was in my early twenties, so that’s okay, right? We deserve a pass, cause we don’t know any better?

Not so fast, my friend (in my best Lee Corso voice).

When it comes to prudent personal finance, the earlier the better.

The people out there whose parents taught them about investing when they were wee children are much better positioned to succeed. My girlfriend is one of those people. That girl budgets and saves like no other (#blessed to be with her).

I was living in the stone age of personal finances. I mean, my financial infrastructure consisted of a worthless checking account earning a skimpy 0.01% interest rate.

0.01%. That’s 1% of 1%.

An absolute criminal percentage.

When I realized I couldn’t rub two pennies together with my interest income (literally), I got my act together.

So, why start Bacon Bits? Because taking control of my finances changed my life - and my future. And I want more people to experience that too.

That sounds idealistic and cliche, but it’s true. I wouldn’t have been able to transition from banking to self-employment if I hadn’t established my finances. And, to be totally transparent, I hope this newsletter generates money someday. Yay, capitalism!

How will Bits work?
While you’re brewing coffee and scrambling some eggs, I’ll bring home the bacon via bi-weekly emails.

I know your time is limited, so I’ll do my best to keep my newsletters straight and to the point (maybe some occasional ranting, but I’ll try to control myself).


These expectations are for both of us. They’ll hold me accountable and provide you with total transparency.

Here are my promises to you:

  1. I will not nuke your inbox - there’s enough clutter there already.

  2. I will not mislead you - I don’t have an underlying agenda. I’m not going to shove products or services in your face. If there are tools/resources that I trust/believe in, I’ll present them to you in a transparent way.

  3. I will answer every email - to the best of my ability, I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours. If I don’t, feel free to call me every bad name you can think of.

  4. I will never recommend anything I don’t trust or use myself. I know this is similar to #2, but I want to hammer this home.

This is a free newsletter. I do not make money from it. That being said, this is America - where capitalism reigns. While I do not plan to charge any sort of subscription fee, I may include minor advertisements or affiliate links down the road.

But, again, I will never sabotage this newsletter’s integrity to make a quick buck.

One last thing…

This newsletter isn’t a one-way street. By no means are you required to respond to any of my emails, but if something is on your mind or you have a topic suggestion you’d like to hear more about - don’t hesitate to reach out.

On that note, feel free to tell me a bit about yourself - or just whatever’s on your mind today.